Time to Come Home



You never forget where you come from no matter how long you’re away. I suppose I tested that sentiment to the limit – I hadn’t set foot in Cork City for nearly 10 years when I drove in the Lower Glanmire Road earlier this year. So much seemed to have changed, and yet so much had stayed the same.

I have lived in New York with my wife and young family for the last 10 years and I loved it there but I wanted my son to live in a place where the history seems to ooze from every wall, every bridge. The US was fun, but like everywhere else in the world, it just isn’t Ireland. Thankfully, my New York clients are more than happy to work by phone or I wouldn’t have convinced the wife to move back with me!

Living in the city that never sleeps can be mentally exhausting. I found myself fraying a little at the edges, such were the non-stop demands of existing in such a chaotic place so we made the decision to move back. Cork is still the same. The energy of the place, the ambiance, the feel is still the same. The same old ghosts walk the streets in the haze of the evening. It’s home.

I’ll be setting my office up soon and this website will be a place to keep track of all the dates, times and contact information.

You never forget where you’re from, and you never forget where you’ve been. It’s time for the next chapter. Thank you all for coming along with me.